6 Tips on Pitch Development

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It all starts with an idea. Whether your idea is just that — an idea — or a fully-realized concept that have ready for UT’s Student Pitch Competition sponsored by Dell’s Project Innovate, here are 6 tips to shaping your pitch idea to maximize its potential impact:

  1. Create an Innovative Product. Ask yourself — does the product make a unique contribution to the marketplace/ecosystem? Leverage whether you have adequately identified and differentiated your idea from competitors.
  2. Check the Viability of Your Product. Do you clearly identify the steps required to bring the product to market (and the associated financial needs)? Determine whether these steps are attainable, or if adjustments need to be made to realize your vision.
  3. The Product Has To Have Customer Appeal. Assess if the product clearly meets a customer need, and inquire if you have adequately identified a reasonable user base.
  4. Social Impact is Important. Does the product have the potential to bring awareness and increase diversity, equity, and inclusion (e.g., bringing technology to underserved communities)? If it doesn’t, how can this be implemented?
  5. Polish Your Pitch. Professionalism is key in trying to communicate your vision. Your materials need to be well designed, appropriate, and impressive. Pitches that demonstrate clear care and attention to detail will shine among competitors.
  6. Emulate That “Wow” Factor. Your core idea needs to pull in judges and audiences — get them feeling inspired and excited. Does your pitch exude that special something… that sizzle?

From expanding the creativity and quality of your concept, assessing the viability of the proposed business model, and attempting to creatively demonstrate your proposed idea — communicating the vision is a journey. However, it doesn’t need to be one filled with confusion and uncertainty. These 6 tips will help you scope out the value of your idea. Be crystal-clear about what you’re asking for, why you need it, what you’ll do with it, and the next best action for the audience to take to help you get it.

Don’t miss your opportunity to put these tips into practice! Either on your own or together with a team, sign up at Dell’s Project Innovate to submit your idea for the UT’s Student Pitch Competition. The 5 Finalists chosen in the first round of judging will present on the main stage of Digital Diversity Day October 27th, 2019.

This is your chance to enter and win up to $12,000 in prizes — including 1st place winner receives a trip to the Infinity Festival Hollywood to pitch your idea to industry professionals!

Deadline to submit is October 8th at 11:59 PM.

Erin Reilly is a consultant helping others to understand and strategize about storytelling, engagement, play and learning through emergent technology.

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